A Beautiful Gift

The most important thing I must give, but the most difficult, is forgiveness.
Forgiveness. Yes, That’s it.

I must forgive, always, again and again.
Forgive. As soon as I stop forgiving, I build a wall.
And a wall is the beginning of a prison.
Above all in life I’ve got to do two things: understand and forget.

I know many people and I know the secrets of many people.
And I know only too well that no two people are the same.
Each person is an entire world in himself.
He lives, feels, thinks and responds from his own world.
And the deepest core of that world is still unknown to me.

Therefore it seems obvious that, in normal course of events,
disagreements, frictions and tensions will develop.
Only when a person understands that other people are different,
and only when he is ready to forgive, is it possible to live together.
Otherwise there is a state of mutual siege and
you live in a day-in, day-out, cold or hot war.
There are many exceptionally good opportunities for us
to make peace and to make up quarrels.

We so often get a chance to give a small present,
to send a postcard inviting someone around as a sign of reconciliation, of forgiveness.
Once the first step, the most difficult step is taken, the rest is easy.


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