Mengenang sinetron 90an

Di pertengahan tahun 90an, ada satu sinetron yang sangat berkesan untuk saya, cerita yang sangat sederhana tetapi mencerminkan budi bangsa yang menjunjung tinggi kejujuran dan nilai moral di dalam keluarga. Bisa tebak?

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Many human relationship are like the interlocking fingers of two hands. Oue loneliness makes us cling  to one another, and this mutual clinging makes us suffer immensely because it does not take our loneliness away. But the harder we try, the more desperate we become. Many of these “interlocking” relationships fall apart because they become suffocating and oppressive. Human relationships are meant to be like two hands folded together. They can move away from each other while still touching with the fingertips. They can create space between themselves, a little tent, a home, a safe place to be.

True relationships among people point to God. They are like prayers in the world. Sometimes the hands that pray are fully touching. Sometimes there is distance between them. They always move to and from each other, but they never lose touch. They keep praying to the One who brought them together
~Henri J.M. Nouwen

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