The Past & The Future, where will I be?

I found my old blog accidentally while looking for something. It was written from August to December 2007 and there were only 98 published entries, but it gave me so much information about my past and the direction I need to go from here.

2007 was one of my best year. I grew so much spiritually. I attended my graduation ceremony on August 25 2007. It was a great year. On the down side, I’ve yet to hit the bar that I set that year, but I believe 2014 will be better, well, it better be.

Reading the blog, I realised I’ve a few people who were close to me, who help me grow spiritually. Though I didn’t have a Spiritual Director, I knew a priest who was like an SD to me. Somehow, this is missing in my life now.

Glad I found the blog because it really reminds me where I must be now.


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