“He was very vulnerable man, searching for something, somebody, somewhere, somehow, which would give him the peace he was looking for. He didn’t say too much about himself and I felt ever so slightly overawed by him. He was quite a formidable person and it took a bit of time for both of us to unwind. I still don’t know why he came. He was rather different from the person I had imagined him to be… He came across as a much more complicated person – more human, gruff, edgy and understanding than I’d expected….”

This description is so touching! probably because it is an honest description of a person. It makes me realise that we’re just human with our weaknesses. No one is perfect, no matter what he does. We always have our vulnerability no matter how hard we try to hide it.

There is always a child inside of us who needs assurance in times of difficulty. We need someone to be there for us, to just hold our hands and tell us that we’re doing fine despite the tears that are flowing on our cheeks. We need someone to ensure us that it is okay to cry and to let go the feelings; all the inner wound that is in our hearts for a long time. It’s okay to let go and let God’s love takeover.

*quote is taken from Wounded Prophet: A Portrait of Henri J.M. Nouwen


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