It’s all about books!

The past few days, I’m very excited. I’ve been discussing with a few friends about setting up a Catholic Library. At first, we wanted to do it on our own independently, then I did my research and found out that I might as well ask my parish priest about it. I talked about it to the previous parish priest and he actually planned to have one in church. It’s just too bad that he was transferred before he could do everything he planned. Well, I’ve sent email this morning to my parish priest and for the moment I can only wait. If my parish doesn’t have plan to have library in near future then I’ll be back to my first plan to do it independently. That’s one thing.

I also plan to sell Catholic books on my blog targeted towards the local Catholics because the Catholic literature is very rare here, even in the national bookstore chain, the catholic section is becoming smaller and smaller. Other than that, we have small bookshop in The Catholic churches, which is very tiny and not many books available.

I just tidied up my bookshelves and I found a basket full of plastic-wrapped books. Those are books that I bought but I never open it. So I guess, I’ll start putting those up for sale. =D

EDIT: I just received a reply. He agreed. But I need to confirm whether he agreed to have parish library or for me to start my own ministry.


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