If you’re single, will you visit your relatives’ houses during Lunar New Year?

Lunar New Year is just round the corner. A celebration for older family members to reunite with the whole family, for children to receive ang pao (red packet) and for single, to be asked all the funny, dreadful questions.

This morning, I accompanied my mother to send Lunar New Year goodies (such as oranges, layer cakes, kuih bakul (nian gao), etc) to my relatives. It was still early in the morning and I already got the question asked ,”do you have a girlfriend?” No wonder, most of my single friends prefer to go on holiday rather than go to visit relatives’ houses. 😀

It takes a lot of courage for a single people to visit their relatives’ houses during Lunar New Year as they will be asked THOSE questions over and over and over again.

So, wish me luck and good luck to all of single people out there!

Lunar New Year wishes to all and have a great week with family and friends! Stay well and God bless! Enjoy the blessings of family!


Time Flies!

There are many distraction around us which could hinder us from doing our priorities, for example our smartphones and social medias. Therefore, it is important for us to have exceptional time management skills. For me, I find it very hard to write religiously because most of the time, I spend more time reading that writing, where I’m supposed to divide the time equally.

Just last week, I learned about Pomodoro Technique. It is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo. It’s been around since late 80s, so you might have heard it somewhere. Timer is required. You may use an ordinary kitchen timer or you might download Pomodoro related apps on your smartphones or tablet. For me I use Pomodroido.

Pomodoro Technique is actually very simple, we just need to focus and concentrate doing something without distraction for 25 minutes. After that, we take 5-minute break, where we have to do something relaxing; go for a short walk, have a cup of coffee, etc. We must do something not work related. This 5 minutes will actually increase our productivity flow.

Some task will require more than 25 minutes, therefore it is important for us to plan how many cycle does a task need. Do take note that for every 4 cycle of 25/5 minute, we need to take longer break; 20 minutes, 30 minutes or even 1 hour.

Yes, I created this post using this technique and it is very efficient. =D

Analog to Digital ~A Journey~

One day in 2004, I walked into a secondhand shop and met the one who changed my life forever, Minolta Dynax 500 si with 75-300 mm lens for SGD 270.00. It was love at the first sight. It was a film camera, so yes, I used tons of film. I was brave and experimental. I wasn’t afraid to make mistake and I made a lot of mistake.  After that, I changed to Dynax 5, another film camera but the specs was better.

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Epiphany? Hari raya wajib atau tidak?

Hey all,

I went to the doctor and she said it was just a virus, and it’s quite common the past 3 months due to the weather. It’s nothing to worry about. I was prescribed 3 different medicines, and hopefully will recover soon.

Hari ini Gereja merayakan Hari Raya Penampakan Tuhan atau disebut juga Epiphany. Biasanya dirayakan tanggal 6 Januari, kecuali di gereja di mana ini bukanlah hari raya wajib, maka akan dirayakan hari Minggu antara tanggal 2 – 8 Januari. Setiap negara mempunyai hari raya wajib yang berbeda-beda, contohnya Singapura merayakan 3A1C; Ascension (Yesus naik ke Surga), Assumption (Maria diangkat ke surga), All Saints Day (Hari semua orang kudus), and Christmas (Natal). Sedangkan Amerika Serikat menambahkan 2 hari wajib lainnya; Mary, Mother of God (Maria Bunda Allah) and Immaculate Conception (Santa Perawan Maria dikandung tanpa Noda).

Sebenarnya, apa sih hari raya wajib itu (Inggris: Holy Days of Obligation)?

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Mery Christmas & Happy New Year.Slightly late but better late than never.

It’s 1.31 am on Jan 2, 2013, so how was your holiday?

I had terrible itchy, red bumps all over my body since 2 weeks ago. I went to the doctor and she told me it was only an allergic reaction, but it’s getting worse lately. I will see another doctor in a couple of days. Other than that, my New Year’s eve was fun. I had a small gathering in my place with a few friends from my Small Christian Community. We had BBQ & fireworks. It ended around 1 a.m. I slept around 3+ and woke up at noon.

I went to movie and watched Hours, one of the final films completed by Paul Walkers before he died last month. Slow-paced movie, but very interesting. Although I was expecting more like Impossible (2012). Well, I saw the trailer for X-Men : Days of Future Past, but Rogue scene was still there. The last time I heard, her scenes were all cut from the film in editing during post-production.

Yesterday, I watched 47 Ronin. It was awesome. It’s been awhile since I saw Keanu Reeves on the big screen. I was pleasantly surprised that I like the movie more than I should. It was very entertaining.

That’s it for now, I wish you all a very blessed year ahead.