Analog to Digital ~A Journey~

One day in 2004, I walked into a secondhand shop and met the one who changed my life forever, Minolta Dynax 500 si with 75-300 mm lens for SGD 270.00. It was love at the first sight. It was a film camera, so yes, I used tons of film. I was brave and experimental. I wasn’t afraid to make mistake and I made a lot of mistake.  After that, I changed to Dynax 5, another film camera but the specs was better.

Using film camera is a challenge. You only have 36 exposures and you can’t see the result straight away, therefore, everytime you press the shutter, you must be sure it is your best. On top of that, you’ll let other people see it first (if you send it to be developed in a lab).

Nowadays, with digital camera, we can see the result right after we shoot a photo. We can delete it and shoot it again and again until we get the best result.

Here are the first few photographs from my early works, dated May 2004. There are flaws here and there but with natural lighting, they definitely are interesting.

Chicken Teriyaki Iseya Beef Yakiniku Iseya Saba Shioyaki Iseya


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