My Fave Food and Jalan-Jalan…

I wanted to blog about my trip to the Piayu Seafood yesterday, but there’s something more interesting happened just now.

You know, I really try to eat less carbs, that’s why I eat less potato and rice. So, it’s been a long time since the last time I ate Kentang Sambal/Chilly Potato (that’s what I’d like to call it).  So, I REALLY, REALLY wanted to ask my auntie to cook it for me, but I know Potato isn’t good. Imagine eating potato with rice (Double Carbs!). Just now, I really cannot tahan, went out to the kitchen and when I was about to ask my auntie, well, she already cooked it for me! How cool is that?!

So yes, I just committed sin of Carbs and Fat.

Kentang Sambal


See the Chilly, Carbs and oil!

Oh well, Let’s continue with my trip to the Piayu Seafood Restaurant.

Actually, there wasn’t any plan to go there. My mum, my aunt, and I just wanted to visit another aunt, who celebrated Hari Raya (In case you don’t know, all of my mum’s sisters are Moslems). After that, my mum suggested to have lunch at this place, so it was late in the afternoon, and we didn’t have much choices. So we settled with Sweet and Sour Fish (Red Snapper), Spicy Scallop, Fried Calamary and Capcay (mixed vegetables).

Lovely Seafood RestaurantThis is the restaurantLovely Seafood RestaurantThat is my mum choosing the fish

Spicy ScallopSpicy Scallops. Yummy~ I can’t remember the last time I ate this!

2014730142352This Sweet and Sour Fish is pathetic. I think they ran out of Veggies.
Well, at least, there were red, yellow and green veggies.

Tante NettyThis is my auntie and my saviour since Hari Raya!


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