Up Close & Personal

There is this one song that I like very much, it’s just been released recently. I’ve been listening to it every single day, especially when I’m driving alone at night. The song is so personal as if it’s written to me. But no, I’m not going to say which song this is. Ask me again a few months time, and then you might get lucky.

I have a few social media that I frequently use; Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Path, Twitter, Foursquare, etc. I do share a lot of stuff; writings, photos, music, film, etc on my Social Media, but I have tons of stuff which I never share.  Some things are meant a lot to me and I don’t think they should be published for public consumption. Even if I published it, the viewers won’t understand the sentiment and meaning of it.

A simple picture speaks a thousand words (to those who understand it) or else it’s just trash. For example :

DSC_0300edPiglet – Oct 7, 2009

I believe, this is the first time I published this photo. It is very important for me because it marked the transition in my life. There’s a funny and sentimental stories behind the sad Piglet. The Piglet was given away to a Filipino maid (No, I didn’t manage to save her). The house, well, it’s not for rent anymore. So this photo is the only memory of the Piglet in the house.

There are other photos, musics, movies, moments, words, stuff that I won’t share on my Social Media, simply because it’s too personal. Even if I want to, I would share the most abstract and absurd so that you won’t be able to understand it.  Not everything in my life is for you to see and judge.

“…with wine, poetry or virtue.”


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