On my trip to Central Java last July, I had the opportunity to meet with Fr. Kris from Theresiana school. Honestly, I didn’t even plan to meet him, somehow my mum contacted him and asked me to bring something for him.

When I arrived in Semarang, I decided to go there straight away because I had to wait for my mate who was still in a retreat for a few hours. We chatted and had lunch together. In our conversation, he suggested that I started to liaise with Catholic book publishers to get better price. It was something that never crossed my mind before.

I managed to visit 3 publishers and a gallery and when I came back, I started to correspondent with a few publishers, a few give me special discount while a few of them able to do on consignment.

Last Monday, the books from one of the publishers, Fidei Press, arrived. It was more than 800 books for 100s titles (I have about 1500 books available now!). I was excited and yet anxious. I wonder how am I going to sell it. However, I always remind myself my purpose of this ministry; which is to educate the Catholics here and to provide affordable books for every Catholics. So from now onwards, I just have to focus doing it, while praying to get deal from a few other publishers (well, there is 1 that I really want to liaise with, but I’ve been sending 3 emails + text messages and yet no reply).

So, please pray for me that I’ll be able to achieve my dreams, which is to have better educated Catholics here.