Actual Greeting Card from TK!


I just received a Christmas Card! The first one and most likely the only one this year. I was speechless when I got it because I didn’t really expect to receive any physical mail except bills. When I saw it, I instantly knew it is from my Legion of Mary Praesidium, Takhta Kebijaksanaan/Seat of Wisdom, in Singapore. Honestly, the past few years, the legioners are the only ones who always send Christmas and Birthday Cards religiously.

Christmas cardIt’s very endearing for me to receive physical Christmas Card. It takes more effort to send physical card. One actually has to choose, buy, write and send it. Compare this to e-card, where the person just pick and send it (of course, it is easier, faster, so much cheaper and not forgetting, it is eco-friendly.). But then, e-card has a higher chance end up in the “Junk Mail” folder.

I always keep physical greeting cards that I received even from years ago. I enjoyed re-reading these cards every now and then.

Christmas card envelope

I realized the envelope is designed smartly, where it can be torn easily to open it. This is the first time I saw such design, so I am pretty amazed. It is a good design to ensure that the content won’t be torn when one opens the envelope.

So what do you prefer? Electronic or Physical Greeting Card?


Christmas Card 3


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