Nicole Kidman reveals awful ‘first date’ with Jimmy Fallon – ‘I went, maybe he’s gay?’

This interview is really funny and adorable that I could watch it over and over again, Jimmy just looked like a deer caught in a headlight the moment he realized that she liked him. You can definitely feel the pain from his voice. I mean, he didn’t even consider think it was a date, while Nicole thought otherwise.

Nicole, well, she always has been hilarious and sassy during interview. I remember her interview on Late Show with David Letterman right after she and Tom announced their divorce. Dave mentioned it and asked whether she was okay and her response was “well, I can wear heels now.” I love her very much, she has such a mix of being shy and then also being sassy and then being like “oh stop I’m embarrassed!”, it’s adorable.

So what is your worst date experience?