From Japan

I received a package and an envelope on May 18, 2015. The envelope was quite thick with my book publisher’s address written on it. So I assumed that the package was the book that I ordered. The package was bigger than the usual and very light. So I checked again the address on the package and it’s from Semarang, Central Java.  So, this was the package that Juntakkk told me the day before.


There you go. I seldom got such a big box delivered to me. This package was the gift, Juntakkk gave me from his holiday trip to Japan. I requested just a Starbucks Tumbler, since I don’t like to bother my friends who are on holiday. To be honest, I seldom buy things for people on my holiday trip.

opening the box, I got 2 boxes with Starbucks logo, another box inside a paper bag, Map of Japan, and randomly there was a Tiger Onitsuka paper bag (!!!). So someone got new shoes and wanted to show off!


The tumblers were from Tokyo and Yokohama, I truly love how important is the packaging in the Japanese culture. Everything has to be wrapped, packaged nicely. I mean, look at this. The box is not just ordinary box to keep the tumbler, this box is a gift box.


Talking about tumbler, I realized that Juntakkk has a unique Starbucks tumbler. He showed it to me while he was on Starbucks yesterday or the day before. I’m grateful that he bought those 2 tumblers, but I’m so envy of his new tumbler. I’m so gonna snatch it the next time I see it. See for yourself.

Starbucks japanese tumbler

Okay, I really, really, really, really want it! I need to book ticket to Semarang ASAP! =D

The next thing in the package was the furikake. Juntakkk said his friends bought this so he also bought this for me. So schweet! hahaha…

furikakeIf you often eat at Iseya Japanese Restaurant a.k.a my restaurant, this is the seasoning we sprinkle on top of rice, usually in the bento box. Here you go…Iseya BentoSo thank you Juntakkk for the gift from Japan, don’t forget that Tumbler is mineeee!!! so don’t lose or break it! =D


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