Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, readers!

I can’t believe more than 3 months have passed since New Year and I don’t think I’ve done anything remarkable.

I have to admit that this blog is dying every single day. I don’t forget, but it’s really difficult to make time and I’m not sure whether I still have the passion to write. Anyway, I will try to make time, I promise you that.

So, what have I done since my last update?

Well, I still help running my family Japanese Restaurant. In addition, I also take over the Catholic book shop in my Church. So my day usually starts at 6.15 am and ends when I’m done, usually after 9 pm, this runs from Monday to Sunday, except for public holiday (but not when the PH is on Sunday).

Besides that, I am also trying my best to make time for reading, my other hobbies. But most of my day are spent behind the wheel. So awhile back, I tried listening to Audiobook for Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. While it was good (I managed to listen to the whole book), but it’s a different sensation with reading because it’s difficult for me to re-listen if I missed something.

In short, I’m trying to do activities that I used to like in the past but doing it better this time because those activities made me who I was and I want to be the person who I was a few years ago, but I want to be better. A whole lot better!