Friendship with Cilez

I just discovered another blog of mine, which was active from May 2011 to April 2012. 
I will import some of the relevant contents to this blog. 

It was posted on August 2, 2011
I just realized that it’s August already, which mean my friendship with Cilez is over seven years. There were many ups and downs. Honestly, in the beginning, I never thought it could last this long.

The past 7 years have been a wonderful journey in my life. Somehow, we managed to find fun, joy & surprises in every little things in our daily lives.

She started our friendship with few drops of Tabasco & pepper on a cup of water which she gave me -.-“, which caused me to be sick for a week after that. Many nights, we walked aimlessly around Orchard road; sometimes to buy supper (remember those satay @Glutton Square?), other times just to walk and chat. Once, we even sat at the fountain outside Ngee Ann City at 2 a.m. oh by the way, we also did our first commercial work together (you know what I mean. I have pic to prove it!) and Cilez’s debut as a photo model. =X Remember the night when we rushed to the doctor because we thought someone had appendicitis acute. Once, I made a burger to bribe her to come to my school to talk to my lecturer. It was so funny… for me, at least. =p

I learned about cheesecake & pasta from her. She gave me my first taste of uncooked Tuna Fettuccine, which she insisted it was cooked. She then admitted it was uncooked after she tried it. =|

Well, our friendship wasn’t all that smooth, there were obstacles, anger, quarrel, misunderstanding, and many more. Yes, we even had a holy war for a few months. There were times when we didn’t talk for days. But it didn’t last long. Somehow, our friendship stays strong.

Our friendship travel over time & place. From Kiliney Road to Toh Tuck road, From Penang to Bali. There were times when we meet daily, there were times when we didn’t meet for months. But as someone mentioned “True friends are never apart maybe in distance but never in the heart!” So whenever we meet again, we would always have something to talk about and it feels as if we’ve never been apart at all.

We do talk about our dreams and hope and we talk about it over and over again and over and over again. Somehow, there is no end when we talk about these, right?


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