In Memoriam : Auntie Pat

Auntie Pat passed away yesterday morning.
I knew her since I was 8 years old. She worked in my supplier’s office in Singapore. She was always very kind and generous. She would always have sweets, toys, etc to give me whenever I went there with my late dad. Meeting her would always make my day.
She had been sick for some time. The last Lunar New Year, she was hospitalised and she insisted her sister to call my mum because she wanted to give my mum something and also red packets for me and my sister. At that time, I believe we knew that this moment was coming.
But no matter how much you prepare, I can never be prepared for this. I don’t know. Maybe because I seldom experience the few deaths in my family that I experienced were sudden that I didn’t have time to grieve or… maybe I don’t want to. My father’s death happened just like that, so was my grandma’s. Uncle Jan’s too. It happened to quick and sudden that I didn’t have time to process anything. After that, life went back to normal. I have never been good at saying goodbye and probably never will.
DearAuntie Pat,
Thank you for the joy and blessing you have brought into my life. I will miss you and you will never be forgotten.


A quarter into 2016, and this is my first post. Sorry!

I’ve been busy with the Young Adult group across the Vicariate Forane here. We’re preparing for Indonesian Youth Day (IYD), which will be held in Manado, North Sulawesi on October 1-6 2016.

There are so many challenges that we have to face in this project. For example, geography; there are 7 parishes and it’s located in different islands, four in Batam island and the other three are in three different islands. So it’s very difficult and costly to have meeting. I will make another post solely on IYD.

Another good news, I’m back being an active member of Legion of Mary. It was a tough call. It took me almost 7 months to finally decide that I wanted to be an active member. During those 7 months, I had the thought to quit more than I could count. It was definitely not easy for me. But I made my decision. Thus, I said my Legion Promise 2 weeks ago. This is my 3rd Praesidium and my 12th year being Legioner. I think Legion of Mary is the only Church group where I never see any fight/quarrel among the members. The Legion meeting is very organized and packed that we don’t have idle time to do/discuss anything else besides our meeting.

 So yes, that’s about it.

Dengue Fever & Crow

Hey all!

I’ve been super busy this week. A cousin of mine has been hospitalized since Monday for Dengue Fever. He came from another island, about 90 minutes away. He was in terrible shape when he came, his Blood platelet count was only 2,000. Normally, you would have from 150,000 to 450,000 platelet per microlitre of circulating blood. He’s still in the hospital but the doctor said he could be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. So that’s a good news.

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Last weekend and 1989

Last weekend was busy but super fun. It’s been so long since I had an enjoyable weekend. I was involved in 3 events; 2 Jack Daniels events (Halloween theme!) and a closing mass for the month of Rosary, organised by Sanctuary of Galang. I’m glad everything went smoothly for me, as the events on Saturday were back to back.

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Divine Mercy Devotion

I woke up at 3.02 am. I dont think I ever had this close to 3.00 am. So, I prayed for the loved ones and other souls who might need it.

The past few weeks, I grew very close to the Devotion of the Divine Mercy. I think it was because I woke up around 3 am. The first one was difficult and it got easier each time.

I started to read Divine Mercy literature and amazed that how the Lord spoke to me. I could truly relate to some, especially Divine Mercy Daily e-mail. Short and very meaningful.

Feast of Sts. Monica & Augustine

By now, I’m quite used to wake up around this hour (2.30-3.30 am). Honestly, I love to have a quiet time for myself time to pray and time to read. My work day has always been hectic, so I truly appreciate quiet time by myself.

By the way, on Thursday (27/8/2015), Juntakkk’s mum passed away around 6.30 pm, right on the feast of St. Monica. Please pray for the repose of her soul.


I woke up around 3.30 am last night, due to my “imaginary cat” scratching my bed in my dream. I donn’t know why I didn’t pray the chaplet last night.. or maybe I know why..

Anyway, I also woke up around 3.30 am again just now. This time, I got up and prayed the Koronka. and suddenly I remember this song :

When the oceans rise and thunders roar
I will soar with you above the storm
Father, You are King over the flood
I will be still and know You are God..

I have not heard this song for so long. I was surprised that it could come to mind out of nowhere. I remember the first time I heard this song. I think it was during a youth retreat in 2007.

For today reading from The Diary of St. Faustina :

1173 In spite of the profound peace my soul is enjoying, I am struggling continuously, and it is often a hard-fought battle for me to walk faithfully along my path; that is, the path which the Lord Jesus wants me to follow. And my path is to be faithful to the will of God in all things and at all times, especially by being faithful to inner inspirations in order to be a receptive instrument in God‟s hands for the carrying out of the work of His fathomless mercy.

It’s good to know that even a Saint is struggling to answer His calling.

I think I should sleep now, or else it could go on and on an on till morning.